September 22, 2015


Figured I'd try something a little new.Free write with absolutely nooo editing. Yikes.

Or maybe it doesn't really make much a difference since I like to write lists a lot anyways :)

Currently: At work. Been here since 7 am, here till 3:30pm. Not too bad. It's slow so figured I'd do something useful with the time. They randomly put me on the schedule to work overnight Saturday. Not too thrilled about that.

Oh how being an adult rocks.

This morning Elijah woke up while I was getting ready, looks out the window and says ' Woah. Its still dark outside?! OK,I'm going back to bed!'
He's hilarious! Just love having these good laughs with him in the morning.

Speaking of mornings, we're not morning people when its dark outside, just an fyi.When the sun is up we're all about it. You cooking breakfast, watching cartoons, going to the farmers markets, morning walks and play at the parks. The good stuff.

Some curly hair products I adore:

My mother in law started talking about California this morning...we all want to go back. We were talking about how much we missed it a few weeks ago during brunch and coffee (pictured above).Even my mom texted me saying she wants to move out there and that I should start sending my resume out. It's just so beautiful, how could anyone not love it??

My mom found a round trip ticket for only $88 bucks (Spirit Airlines) to Texas this weekend! Can't beat that.

Thinking about coloring my hair maybe something a little darker, we'll see. It's been a couple years since I've done any added color.

I need to go buy more shirts, work/dressy shirts particularly.

Our car has had some issues and finally we'll be getting it back hopefully by the weekend. (Tuesday by the latest) We've been without our own vehicle for over a month and a half!! When your without it,the small things make all the difference.

Excited for next month! Elijah turns 5 and lord knows since he turned 1 I've been wanting to take him to Disney. Everyone would say 'just wait till he's older so he'll remember it'. Well, we're definitely doing Disney this year to celebrate:)

Some goals this month:
Continue putting $ aside.
To be more consistent with those annoying butt squats, and leg workouts.
To finish a couple of books I'm reading.
To go visit Atl, texas again soon. Some other places soon.

Btw, I'm trying to get better with checking my snap chat.
Here's a few I received from my crazy siblings:)

from my big bro James! That man's job has him traveling.


I'm starving right now. Ugh. Anxious for some darn lunch.

 I'm off tomorrow&Friday!! Plan on having some chill couple of beach days.


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